Continuing Education 
                                                                               Legislative Advocacy


The Richmond Academy of Clinical Psychologists (RACP) is a regional academy of the
Virginia Academy of Clinical Psychologists (VACP)

What do we do?:
RACP hosts networking and continuing education events for Richmond area clinical psychologists. RACP also serves as a bridge connecting Richmond area clinical psychologists with clinical psychologists across the commonwealth and with opportunities to become involved in the legislative advocacy process at the state and national level.

Executive Board

President                                  President-Elect                           Secretary                       Membership Chair
Norma Murdoch-Kitt, Ph.D.       Leah Farrell-Carnahan, Ph.D.     Laura Brewer, Ph.D.       Arlene Lerner, Ph.D.

Continuing Education Co-Chairs     Treasurer                            Members-at-Large
Sherry Ceperich, Ph.D.                        Bridget Dunnavant, Ph.D.   Treven Pickett, Psy.D.
Rebecca Aycock, Ph.D.  Beth Heller, Ph.D.

Student Extern

RACP has an all volunteer board and we always look for leaders to join us. If you are interested in developing your leadership skills by serving on our board, please contact us as racp.email@gmail.com.

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